Friday, September 26, 2008

Welcome to our Food Blog

Welcome to our food blog! Malia, Jenny, and I (JAM for short) have been friends since the 7th grade. Ever since then, many of greatest times have been spent around food: eating meals at the mall, baking cupcakes for friends' birthdays, late night trips to IHOP, etc. While our tastes have evolved from the 79 cent burritos at Taco Bell, we continue to love sharing our dining, cooking, and baking experiences.

We hope to share our "food" experiences in our respective homes of New York and Virginia, and any other location we travel.

(Jenny, Ariel, and Malia sipping hot chocolate)


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading about your dining experiences and look forward to your sharing your culinary adventures, as well.

The Pali Press where food tastes mo' betta

Ariel said...

Thanks Mom!

Ellen said...

I love it! Who would have known that 2 people in the same office would start food blocks within a month of each other. Kudos to you! Yum!