Monday, February 23, 2009

Post Party Brunch - Revisiting Metro 29 Diner

Delicious homemade challah french toast!

After a fabulous party of dancing and celebrating late into the night with my favorite people, I was ready for a nice breakfast to recharge my batteries. When we found out the wait at the Original House of Pancakes was going to be over an hour we headed to Metro 29 diner. I was a little skeptical that the wait would be better, but they run a tight ship over there and are good at getting people in quickly (paying for the bill was another story).

Malia and I had eaten dinner at Metro 29 a month or so ago, and while we enjoyed our meal, we felt that breakfast would probably have been better. My friend Michael had recently told me about their amazing french toast, so I knew what I would be ordering. Our food came to the table a little slowly, but it was worth the wait. Two huge slices of challah are dipped in egg and cooked on the griddle. While, this would have been better with maple syrup (they had corn syrup), it was still toasty and fluffy with a nice sweetness. Mmm, everyone agreed this french toast is done to perfection.

Bacon, egg, and swiss on whole wheat.

Chowin' down.

AJ, Mike, Sunny, and Bird opted for the breakfast sandwiches. AJ is always in search of a good breakfast sandwich. A lot of places don't use real eggs (which he hates) or they make them real greasy. These sandwiches met both of these tests. His only complaint was that it would have been better on a nice roll.

A little hasbrown with your ketchup?

Sunny and Mike both ordered up some hashbrowns. They were crisp yet tender and a little salty. These sides were definitely meant to be shared, so go in on these with a friend.

While the restaurant does a good job with getting people seating and serving its patrons, paying for the check was a disaster. We needed to split the bill and the cashier seemed to have no idea what she was doing - staring at the screen for long periods at a time. She mischarged several of my friends, and just generally halted the payment process for all the patrons. Some people behind us were grumbling about walking out without paying. We felt bad, but really she should know how to split a bill.

Overall, a very satisfying breakfast. I would say that if you are heading to Metro 29, opt for the breakfast items over the dinner options. Oh, and you might want to bring cash.

1.5 out of 3 JAMs

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