Thursday, February 11, 2010

A nifty way to eat your brussels sprouts

Health gurus are always pushing leafy greens on us. Although incorporating things like kale and brussel sprouts into your diet can seem intimidating, all you need is a good recipe. I never cease to find inspiration for vegetarian dishes from 101 Cookbooks. And if you don't like the recipe I post here, please check out the website, I guarantee you'll find something you like.

Now back to the brussels sprouts. I always enjoyed brussels sprouts as a kid, and maybe that makes me one of the weird ones, but I think preparation can make all the difference. If you don't like steamed or boiled brussels sprouts, try shredding them and sauteeing them. I find this gives them a sweeter flavor.

For this dish, I took inspiration from 101 Cookbooks' Shredded Brussels Sprouts and Apples. Brussels sprouts and apples are in season. The dish is really rather simple - chop up a bunch of veggies and apples and saute them with oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper and the secret ingredient - maple syrup.

I used brussels sprouts, carrots, apples, toasted cashews and tofu in my saute, but feel free to experiment. The maple syrup adds this lovely caramelization. I would also recommend using a hickory baked tofu, as it totally complements that maple flavor. To add in some whole grains serve up with some quinoa or brown rice.

Shredded Brussels Sprout Saute
Adapted from 101

1 large apple, julienned (I used a Pippin)
2 large carrots, julienned and cut into 2 in lengths
1 lemon, juiced
4 oz extra firm tofu, cut into cubes (I recommend a baked hickory)
a couple pinches of salt
2-3 tsp olive oil
3 cloves garlic
2 tablespoon maple syrup
1/3 c toasted cashews
12 oz (or 3-4 handfuls) brussels sprouts, washed and cut into 1/8 in ribbons

Cook the tofu in a large skillet over medium high heat with a bit of salt and tsp olive oil. Saute until golden, about 4-5 minutes. Add the carrots and saute until start to soften, 5 minutes. Turn heat down to medium and add apples, garlic, and maple syrup and saute 2-3 minutes. Transfer mixture into a large bow.

Turn heat up to medium high and add brussels sprouts with 1-2 tsp oil, salt. Cook for 2-3 minutes. Add 1 tbsp maple syrup. Add tofu-apple mixture back to skillet and heat for another 2 minutes. Sprinkle cashews on top.

Remove from heat and serve immediately with quinoa.

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