Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cheddar Leek Souffle

Look at it rise!

Nothing like a souffle to inspire the return to the blog! I took a trip to the Farmer's market on this blustery spring day and was just soaking in all the lovely spring fare - leeks, asparagus, and fresh eggs! I ended up with some arugula, sweet potatoes, cara cara oranges, and some strawberries to boot. I wasn't sure what I was going to make for dinner, but I knew it would be inspired by Spring.

Coating the ramekins with butter and parmesan cheese.

I recently received the March Bon Appetit mag issue, which had a recipe for the loftiest souffle. When I hear souffle I certainly think of a lofty, airy mountain of eggy goodness. The recipe is a basic cheese souffle with gruyere and parmesan. I wanted to go with a spring theme so Id incorporated leeks and cheddar. I sauteed three small leeks in butter with salt and pepper. I subbed cheddar for gruyere. You sprinkle the bottom of the ramekins with parmesan which creates this beautiful crust.

Don't forget to wash your leeks, they are dirty!

Souffles are intimidating - and this recipe may seem a bit involved. What I have to separate the yolks from the whites and I then I have to make a bechamel? But as long as you get everything prepped and ready to go, this recipe comes together fairly easy. It does help to save this for a lazy Saturday or Sunday.

Happy chef.

Not too shabby for my first souffle. The subtle oniony flavor of the leeks works wonderfully with the cheddar and parmesan. And the cheese on the sides and top creates this wonderful brown, flavorful crust. Souffle - so rich yet so light. I served these up with lemon asparagus and a nice cab/shiraz. Hellllooo Spring. This could work well for an easter dinner or a nice brunch.

All gone.

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