Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heart Shaped Pizza - Happy Valentine's Day

"You got a pizza my heart!"
 AJ and I started a new Valentine's Day tradition a few years ago. Now every February 14 we eat heart-shaped pepperoni pizza! There is a local pizza chain called Pizza My Heart that serves up heart-shaped pies. The tradition is so popular that you can get the heart shape whenever you want! I love celebrating holidays with special traditions like this. 

"I love you mer-lot!"
My mom and dad got AJ two 375ml bottles of Jarvis winery's Merlot, which paired nicely with our pizza (you have to have wine with pizza). If you are looking for wineries to tour in Napa, Jarvis has an amazing cave tour. Plus their wines are incredible!

So what are some of your Valentine's Day traditions?

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Raisin Canes said...

My main Valentine's day tradition is to get a heart-shaped pizza with pepperoni from Pizza My Heart and eat it with my wife.