Thursday, June 17, 2010

Philz Coffee - Palo Alto, CA

Iced Mint Mojito Coffee

Coffee shops are everywhere these days and sometimes its hard to distinguish one from the next. Philz Coffee is anything but your average shop. Every cup is handcrafted - that means they brew it, they add milk, and they add the sugar. You tell them what you want and they do it for you. I'll admit the first time I walked in the door I was very overwhelmed. They offer a plethora of special blends, customized by Phil himself, and as someone who loves coffee but knows little about it I was unsure what to order. Don't be afraid to ask the staff for help in figuring out what you want.

Bluberry Cobbler Muffin

With Malia in town, I knew I wanted to take her to Philz Coffee. Now we could have tried one of their delightful blends such as Ambrosia or Philharmonic, but I wanted to experience the Iced Mint Mojito Coffee with Malia. We are huge Mojito fans. Now these coffees don't have any light rum or lime in them, but they were so refreshing on a hot morning. The mint was so fresh and went wonderful with their house iced coffee.

Nectarine Cobbler Muffin

We weren't sure what kind of pastry would go well with a iced mint mojito coffee, so we picked ones that looked the tastiest - a blueberry and a nectarine cobbler muffin. The muffins had that lovely crumb topping and the fruit was really fresh. The muffins were rather dense - indeed more biscuity like a cobbler topping. We both agreed that we could make better muffins.

But let's be honest the coffee is the star at Philz. With 7 locations in the Bay Area you can be sure to find one close to you. So head over and try a cup, I guarantee you'll like it.

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