Thursday, November 13, 2008

This or That Part III

Okay, so I've been getting some heat from Ariel and Jenny to post more so since I only have about 15 minutes before I'm off to take the GRE (eeek!) I figured I can at least do my post on "This or That".

1)Hamburger or Hotdog: I have to say I am much more of a burger girl, but there will always be a special place in my heart for Vienna Inn chili cheese dogs...a JAM high school fave

2)French Fries or Onion Rings: I'll be different and say both! It depends on my mood.

3) Pepsi or Coke: Coke, I used to give Ariel such crap for liking Pepsi more when were kids

4) Coffee or tea: I like tea for its calming effect, but if I really need a caffeine boost I'll take a trip to starbucks

5)Peppermint Mocha or Gingersnap Latte: Mint and Chocolate is the best combo ever, so I have to say peppermint mocha

6) Chai or green tea: I take responsibility for hooking Ariel onto the goodness of green tea with honey

7) Bagel or Muffin: Whole wheat everything bagel yum!

8) Whole Wheat or Multigrain: I enjoy both, but multigrain has a nice nutty flavor and heartier feel

9) Pizza or pasta: Homemade pizza and pasta are out of this world...Can I get pasta on my pizza?

10) Chinese or Thai: Thai curry is one of my absolute favorites. I do love Chinese dim
sum...thanks to Jenny!

11) Chocolate or Vanilla: I'm a 20 something woman...chocolate!

12) 50 cent or Eminem: I can dance better to a 50 cent song, but my high school days were filled with the sounds of Ariel and her bf AJ rapping Eminem lyrics to their hearts Eminem wins.


Raisin Canes said...

Dear Malia,

The point of "this or that" is to pick one of the two options presented. Not say, "I like this one, but I also like that one." That is not the point! Otherwise the game would be called, "Tell me why you like this and that."

Love always,

Malia said...

Good argument, but wasn't it more interesting this way? ;)