Tuesday, December 16, 2008

'Ha ru'de!

Boston "uncommon" roll (if only the wait staff were as clever as this name).

After an afternoon spent watching the Will Ferrel film, "Elf", and eating cookies, we all wanted something lighter for dinner. We decided on sushi at Haru. AJ called ahead to reserve a table, as pretty much any place in Boston starts to fill up quickly for dinner. The hostess responded, rather rudely, that they weren't taking reservations (even though AJ has made reservations before).

We decided to head over regardless, because Haru is located a block away from AJ's apartment and we really didn't want to walk in the cold. The entrance was packed with people waiting for a table, and as we walked in the host asked us if we had made reservations. Well this certainly got our blood boiling after having dealt with such a rude response to our request for reservations earlier. We were told they could seat us at the bar if we were willing. With our stomachs growling, we agreed.

They seated us at the bar, giving us a view of the sushi chefs at work. Unfortunately the seats at the bar are rather low, allowing one to see the chef's heads, but not their preparation of the sushi (another disappointment).

As we took off our coats, Nick placed his laptop behind his chair. As soon as he began to peruse the menu a waitress came over demanding that he move his laptop or they would move it for him. It wasn't so much the request that was disarming, but the manner in which the waitress spoke to him. We had yet to order, and so far the service had been very poor.

Salmon avocado roll and tuna sashimi

After disappearing for awhile after we had placed our drink orders, our waiter returned. AJ and Nick both ordered the "Boston Uncommon" roll, Anna the phoenix roll and I got the salmon avocado with tuna sashimi. An order of steamed dumplings was requested as well. Our waiter returned five minutes later to inform us that the steamed dumplings would take longer than anticipated because they were "still frozen". We were dumbfounded that a waiter would admit that a dish was frozen. I mean it is not as if we were at a TGIFriday's. The dumplings were brought out and were given decent marks by Nick and Anna. But for the price, you would expect something a little fresher.

Although many of us had eaten at Haru before and enjoyed the sushi, our expectations at this point were pretty low. As I stared at the sushi chefs over the bar, I kept hoping that the next roll they brought out would be one of ours. After a solid 20 minutes of waiting, they brought out our rolls.

The "Boston uncommon" is just that - beautifully presented in pyramid form with a rainbow of colors that visually whet the appetite. The flecks of golf add a sophisticated feel, although they add nothing tastewise. The flavors themselves are unique, with bits of mango and ginger creating a tropical sensation around the salmon, tuna, and avocado that one is used to experiencing in a sushi roll.

The salmon and avocado roll was solid, nothing extraordinary. The tuna sashimi was an excellent cut of fish that was smooth and buttery as it rolled down my tongue. For $10 my meal was reasonably priced. The signature rolls will cost you $17-19 (a little exorbitant in my opinion).

Overall, the food was pretty good, but not worth the poor service and high prices.

1.5 JAMs

800 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02199


Gastronomer said...

Dang! 17 to 19 bucks ain't no joke. I'd demand toro for that price.

Tito said...

I wonder what you would think of a place in Northern Virginia called "Koi Koi", it's off of broad street behind the panera (which faces the street). Kel and I have both taken a liking to that place and it's definitely not 17-19 bucks for a good roll. Actually, they're about 11-12 and maybe 13 for the good rolls. Let me know what you think of it :-)

Anna said...

I like to think my frozen crab dumpling came from a far-off frozen lake where it was born, lived, and froze naturally.