Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pomegranate at Pinkberry

I've always been torn between Pinkberry and Red Mango, especially since often times they end up being right next to or across from each other, at least here in the city. Ultimately though, Pinkberry usually triumphs, due to its extra flavor, coffee, which has that tangy Pinkberry flavor with a hint of coffee.

But when I heard about Pinkberry taking coffee off the menu and replacing it with pomegranate, I definitely knew I wanted to check it out!

I selected a medium pomegranate with cookies 'n cream, chocolate chips, and strawberries, as after sampling it thought its more tart flavor would not go well with my usual choice, mango. The yogurt itself is more tart than the regular flavor, and there is just a hint of pomegranate flavor, not overpowering at all. The texture is identical. It went best with the chocolate chips and chocolate cookies, as at times the strawberries clashed with the yogurt's flavor.

While it's not as good as coffee (though Travis would argue that it's much better), I give it a 2 1/2 JAMs out of 3, definitely worth trying especially if you like your Pinkberry with sweet (like cookies) toppings.


Gastronomer said...

Intriguing. I had written Pinkberry off as an establishment that didn't lead up to its hype, but you've piqued my interest with this pomegranate flavor offering. Hmmm... five bux in my pocket or a belly full of yogurt?

Hilla said...

In ATL we have Pinkberry's twin sis, Yoforia. Yoforia launched with a pom flavor and is, imo, way more flavorful than Pinkberry's. While I was happy to see the offering, I reverted back to PB's original - it's way more satisfying to me :)

Jenn said...

Apparently Red Mango has a pom flavor too (that is supposedly in conjunction with POM juice) that I have yet to try. I think for some people, a strong pomegranate flavor might be too much but for others who want more flavor out of their yogurt, it adds some pizazz.