Sunday, June 21, 2009

An Ode to Eggs and Salsa - Happy Father's Day!

Eggs with Salsa

My father loves eggs with salsa. This simple dish always brings fond memories to mind. On this father's day I will be eating salsa and eggs in your honor, Dad. Oh yeah, and I wrote a little poem for you as well. Hope you enjoy your day. Love you.

Eggs with Salsa
by Ariel Holland

There once lived a little girl.
She loved to dance and twirl.
She liked to eat eggs and toast.
"But never with salsa." she'd boast.
Trying new things made her hurl!
One slow Sunday afternoon,
her father handed her a spoon.
"You will try something new.
Egg with salsa will do,
or write a poem, but please do it soon!"
"Eggs with salsa is gross!"
"Then write a poem about toast."
"Neither I'll do. I'll sit here till I'm blue!"
"Then I shall wait, you must choose one of the two!"
With her arms folded tight, her face was pale as a ghost.
Then he brought her a plate.
Would spicy eggs be her fate?
Or would she choose to
write a poem or two?
"Pick one or do both, I'm willing to wait."
The girl looked down at her plate.
She didn't want to stay up late.
She picked up her pen,
Thinking deep, and then
She wrote an ode to a lobster and his mate!
No sooner had the little girl begun,
She started having some fun!
Rhyming about lobsters and sand,
was like traveling to a far away land.
If trying new things was like this, maybe she'd try another one.
She dug into the eggs with her spoon.
The spicy salsa shot her to the moon!
"Trying new things can be grand!
I now see what you had planned."
Her dad had her singing a different tune!
Happy Father's Day Dad!

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Anonymous said...

What better tribute could a father get. Thank you so much.

Love, Dad