Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thanksgiving in June

Cornbread, herb, and bacon stuffing with maple mashed sweet potatoes.

It has been three months since I moved to Mountain View and the longest I have gone without seeing my family. While I chat with my mom, dad, and sisters often, I still miss seeing their faces. Feeling a little homesick, I turned to my mom's cornbread stuffing.

If I had to pick one dish that my mom cooks that I couldn't live without (and trust me there are so many amazing ones) I would have to choose her cornbread, herb, and bacon stuffing. I used to hate stuffing until she started making this. The fresh sage, thyme, and rosemary really brighten this dish up. It was actually these herbs that inspired my June thanksgiving. The strong aromas bring back so many good memories.

AJ appreciates Thanksgiving in June too!

The main component of stuffing is the bread, so why not using something extra special like cornbread. I love how this hardy bread really stands up to the liquids. I don't like mushy stuffing! And bacon, well who doesn't love it?

I whipped up some mashed maple sweet potatoes to go alongside the stuffing for a decadent meal. These dishes really hit the spot. So tell me, what do you cook when you're feeling a little homesick?

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Gastronomer said...

Back in college I used to get so, so homesick. My answer was Vietnamese food, of course! Taking the train to the city was a bit of a chore, but so worth it for the feeling of home.