Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers and Lulu Noodle

The view from the Hoover Tower at Stanford University.

Last Saturday was another beautiful day in the Bay Area, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and Stanford students were graduating. I hit up the "Last Lecture of the Year" with some friends from work. Reknowned neurobiologist, Robert M. Sapolsky, gave a talk about the differences and similarities between humans and primates. I am certainly interested in reading his book, "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers".

The Bells.

After the lecture we walked around Stanford's campus and caught the view from the Hoover Tower. You can see San Francisco in the distance! All of that thinking and walking made us hungry. One of my friends is more familiar with the area than I am, having gone to Stanford herself. She suggested a noodle place in Mountain View, Lulu Noodle.

Spicy beef noodle soup.

Lulu noodle is a casual eatery with noodles galore and a number of boba drinks. I am always up for a bowl of noodles and some boba, so I was pleased with the lunch choice. I usually go with pho ga at noodle places, but decided to try the spicy beef noodle soup. The broth was rich and spicy, but not spicy enough in my opinion. I added some sriracha for an extra kick. The beef was fairly tender with large pieces of fat swiming in my bowl. The broth was flavorful, but a little too oily.

Mixed Combination Chow Fun

My two friends ordered the mixed combination chow fun with chicken, pork, shrimp, and mixed vegetables. While the service wasn't always the most attentive, they sure are serious about their food. A stray shrimp fell off the platter and was promptly replaced with another shrimp on a small serving platter. You have to respect that kind of service!

Replacement shrimp.

I ordered the thai tea boba, a slightly bitter, extremely creamy beverage. My favorite part is the tapioca bubbles. I love the chewy texture. The jelly grass and bean beverage was order by my adventurous friend. The extremely sweet drink can almost serve as another meal, filled with sweet red beans and jelly sliced into thin strips.

Boba Tea.

I love dining out with friends with adventurous tastes. I never would have ordered the fried taro with egg and peanuts on my own, but was delighted to share this dish. The taro almost tasted like silken pieces of tofu. The fried egg and peanuts added depth of flavor. Dipped in soy sauce, this salty treat is the epitome of simple comfort food.

Taro with fried egg and peanuts.

Lulu Noodle serves up some cheap, large portions of asian comfort food. If you're strapped for cash and looking for something filling, you know where to go.

Lulu Noodle
Located off of El Camino between Showers Dr and San Antonio Rd,
in the Shopping Center with the Trader Joe's.

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