Friday, April 24, 2009

Fish Tacos - Wahoo!

Blackend fish tacos with brown rice and black beans.

As I mentioned earlier, Justin came to visit for the weekend. A San Diego native, Justin has a special relationship with fish tacos. With an abundance of fish taco options, he said he would often eat them once a day for weeks. We decided to check out the popular fish taco chain, Wahoos. Being a UVA grad, how could I resist a place with a name like that (a wahoo is a fish who can drink twice its weight)?

Close-up: blackened fish tacos with cheese, cabbage, and salsa.

Wahoos is known for its fish tacos, which can also be ordered blackened (aka "spicy"). In addition to fish tacos, they also offer chicken and shrimp options. Justin recommended the blackened fish tacos with black beans and rice. AJ and I both opted for the brown rice, a recent addition to the menu. The weather was beautiful (as it has been in California), so we decided to eat outside.

Do you think he fit the whole thing in his mouth?

Many fast food taquerias fry their fish, but Wahoos does not. I am a fan of the fresh unfried fish flavors. These fish tacos were flaky and moist, with a spicy kick. We debated as to what kind of fish they used - tilapia, snapper? We felt silly when a staff member informed us that it was Wahoo. DUH!

The rice and beans were tasty, but as AJ said, "I think I would rather get three fish tacos than the rice and beans." To which Justin replied: "Or get three fish tacos and rice and beans!" He had just finished his third taco.

Bottom Line: For cheap, fresh fish tacos Wahoos has this recipe down.

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