Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Forbes Mill - Los Gatos

Amuse bouche - tomato bisque

AJ's brother is a huge meat eater. His favorite meal is easily a cheeseburger - which I have seen him consume multiple patties over the course of one day. If he can't have a cheeseburger, well a nice steak will do. We headed to Forbes Mill per Uncle Peter's recommendation in search of meat (well except for the pseudo vegetarians).

Oysters on the half shell.

Forbes Mill is an elegant steakhouse, the dining area was dimly lit adding to the ambience. While I am a fan of mood lighting, sometimes I feel like I am sitting in the dark, squinting across the table to see my dinner companions. I would have increased the lighting to avoid that feeling. To warm us up, we were served an amuse bouche of tomato bisque. This creamy, sweet, yet slightly acidic soup was delicious. It certainly had us wanting more.

French Onion soup.

Jeremy started off the meal in style with a platter of oysters on the half shell. Heather started with the french onion soup and myself, the lentil soup. The french onion was declared the favorite by all, full of rich caramelized flavor.

Jeremy digs into his New York Strip.

Spinach and stawberry salad with humboldt.

The spinach and strawberry salad with regional humboldt cheese was amazingly fresh. The tender leaves of spinach paired well with the sweet, tart strawberries, and the creamy goat's cheese. Humboldt comes from Humboldt County, CA and has a distinguishable line of mold that runs down the center. The texture is creamy, with a little more structure than your chevre.

Prime Rib.

Aunt Lou went with the prime rib - an extremely tender cut of meat. The quality of the new york strip can be measured by the absolute silence of Jeremy and Cammy until they had finished their meal.

Portabello Ravioli with swiss chard in a masala sauce.

To round out my soup and salad I ordered the portabello ravioli with swiss chard. I know that ordering pasta in a steakhouse can be a risk, but it was well rewarded. The masala sauce was rich and earthy, pairing well with the sauteed portabellos, swiss chard, and delicate ravioli.

Eating up my leafy greens with some awesome goat cheese!

Sole Almadine with asparagus and macaroni and cheese.

The sole was rather bland, and a tad overcooked. The macaroni and cheese, however, was another story, Rich and creamy, with excellent cheddar flavor. Dusted with breadcrumbs, AJ wished he had ordered a plate of it.

Dining in style.

Bottom Line: Forbes Mill is an above average steakhouse with an elegant decor. While it certainly caiters to meat eaters, their salads, soups, and pasta dishes prove to be worthy of any veggie lover.

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Malia said...

No steak at a steak house, this would never have happened in the old days! Haha. Your meals looked good tho, even the fish! :)