Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oreo Chunk Cookies

Cookies and milk - one of the best combinations of all time.

AJ loves anything with oreos, the most common treat being oreo ice cream. In Boston he came across the "paradise surprise" - a cookie with chunks of oreo enmeshed in the dough. In one of my baking moods, I decided to try and recreat this recipe. I came across a promising one on the "Cookie Madness" blog.

Large and in charge.

The recipe makes 12 huge cookies. I made a couple of changes to the recipe. I used half white whole wheat flour, and half all-purpose. In addition, I used free-range organic eggs, and organic sugar and butter. I even used organic oreos! The cream was delicious, but I prefer the trademark oreo cookie, but at least I could understand all of the ingredients that were used in the organic oreo. I cut out one tablespoon of butter, purely because I only had 11 tablespoons in the house, losing nothing in terms of flavor or structure. Take care to press the dough into a flat disc, this ensures even baking.

Fresh baked cookies - the smell is heaven.

I have to say these cookies are quite possibly the best I have ever made! They came out crisp and somewhat chewy on the edges and soft on the inside. The bits of oreo were a nice foil to the rich buttery dough. If you're not a huge fan of oreos (sacrilege!) I would definitely recommend making the dough and adding in chocolate chips or candy. The dough recipe is a keeper!


Anonymous said...

Your cookies look delicious. I will have to try them!


Ariel said...

Me want cookies! ALL GONE!

Malia said...

Hahaha. Cookie Monster would want these for sure!

Anonymous said...

Did you make these incredibly succulent looking cookies before we left? It is certainly sweet torture to see what we missed?
The Walrus goo goo gjoo

Anonymous said...

Where is the recipe?? That sounds like the best thing ever! I am getting a few requests around here from Papa-San. Baking mood or not, that sounds remarkable - surprising we never heard of it before.