Thursday, April 23, 2009

"You can make me banana pancakes(or blueberry), pretend like it's the weekend...

Blueberry Buttermilk Whole Wheat Pancakes with Maple Syrup.

There is nothing like eating pancakes on the weekend. A sit-down breakfast with friends in the comfort of you own home is the perfect way to start a Saturday morning. I had just purchased some blueberries from the Farmer's Market, and I knew those would be great in some whole wheat pancakes. I used my friend the Gastronomer's recipe for buttermilk whole wheat pancakes, using white whole wheat flour.

Start by sifting the flour with the dry ingredients.

This recipe comes together in a cinch. Make sure you have all your ingredients lined up - like the buttermilk and eggs so you're not scrambling around in the morning. I didn't have buttermilk. But you can make your own! Just add two tablespoons of lemon juice and let it sit for 10 minutes or so. Then you can proceed with the rest of the recipe.

Wake up Justin it's time for pancakes!

When the batter comes to together, turn the oven on to 200 degrees. Grab a sheet pan and place it in the oven. This will provide a place to keep those pancakes warm. Heat a skillet on medium heat. Spread a dab of butter in the pan. I used a 1/4 cup to pour the batter forming about 5 in pancakes. The trick to adding the blueberries is to wait a minute until the batter has cooked on the bottom. Then you can sprinkle the blueberries on top and they won't roll away!

Batter is ready! Heat up that griddle!

I cooked my pancakes for 2-2.5 minutes on one side and then 1.5-2 minutes on the other side. You may have to adjust your heat depending on your stovetop. Keep an eye on those bubbles, this means its time to flip! When the pancakes is cooked through place it in the oven until you have made the whole batch.

I poured my batter in and after a minute or so of cooking, I added the blueberries on top.
I ended up with 6 pancakes - which was perfect for the three of us. These pancakes were light and fluffy, with a nice tartness from the blueberries. A little maple syrup adds the perfect touch of sweetness. We also served up some fresh strawberries on the side. Now that is my kind of breakfast.

Big Bites!

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Gastronomer said...

Yay! I love this recipe. It's so easy and tasty. I never have buttermilk around either. Btw, vinegar works like a charm if you don't have any lemons.