Monday, April 20, 2009

The Pork Store - San Francisco

Walking down Haight St.

After a night out in San Francisco, I was ready for a hearty breakfast to reenergize the batteries. We walked past Magnolia Pub and Brewery down Haight St in search of a good spot. Ed recommended the Pork Store, calling it a Haight St. "institution". His strong words piqued my interest. We entered the restaurant a little before 10am. On weekends, a line begins to form soon after 10am.

Chocolate chip pancakes.

This little hole-in-the-wall seats approximately 15-20 people. We were lucky enough to grab a table with only a five-minute wait. It pays to get here early. The service was pretty good, with our waitress refilling our cups frequently and little wait for our food. The coffee exceeded my expectations. It was smooth enough to drink black (I usually prefer a little half-and-half and sugar).

Veggie scramble with biscuits and hashbrowns.

AJ ordered the chocolate chip pancakes. To our surprise there were no chocolate chips in the batter! They were just sprinkled on top. These pancakes were nice and fluffy, however, I would have appreciated some chips in the batter. While the pork store certainly doesn't cater to vegetarians, I opted for the vegetarian scramble - filled with peppers, onions, and spinach with some zesty salsa. I really enjoyed the spicy kick that was delivered with the eggs. The hasbrowns were well prepared - nice and crisp with a good potato flavor. Most entrees come with a choice of biscuits or toast. I couldn't resist ordering the biscuits, and I wasn't disappointed. These were warm, buttery, and fluffy. I added a dab of butter and some strawberry jam - yum!

Bottom Line: If you're hankering for some comfort food and a super casual atmosphere, look no further than the Pork Store. From pork chops, to eggs, to pancakes they have your breakfast needs covered.

Hello from San Francisco!

AJ and I did some sight-seeing and couldn't resist this photo opportunity. Here's wishing you some tasty travels in San Francisco!

The Pork Store
Haight St
San Francisco, CA


Malia said...

I like that AJ is saying Bonjour...reminds me of our spanish class in a french classroom. AJ would recite the french words on the wall with a spanish accent! Lol.

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Ahh the last picture is so cute! I saw a purse once that had that same taco and french fries on it! I almost bought it!!

Anna said...

Wait, did I miss the demise of the jam jars?? I'm so sad! Bring back the jam jars!