Friday, April 10, 2009

Sweet Spot - Santa Cruz

Sweet Spot indeed.

Ice cream is not something I buy a ton of, because I would probably consume a half gallon in a matter of days. Plus, its more fun to stop in at a quaint shop to grab a cone with friends and family. AJ's family came across a cute ice cream shop, called the Sweet Spot. Only a couple blocks from where they were staying, it made a convenient place to grab coffee every morning, and ice cream in the afternoon.

Brownie batter and oreo mint.

AJ loves ice cream, and went for the two scoops, oreo mint and brownie batter. The oreo mint was refreshing, with nice bits of chocolate cookie and cream goodness mixed in. The cloying brownie batter tasted more like a cookie dough batter with chunks of brownie mixed in. I would skip the scoop of brownie batter and double up on the oreo mint.

Mexican Cocoa

I was a in a chocolate kind of mood and decided to go with the mexican cocoa. The cinnamon notes were nice with the milk chocolate ice cream. I was pleasantly surpised when I bit into a chocolate covered almond, which were interspersed throughout!

Chocolate malt - this thing was ginormous!

I am the walrus, goo goo gjoo.

Jeremy ordered up the "largest chocolate malt you can make". Boy do these guys know how to follow directions! The ice cream was perfectly blended, remaining smooth and creamy, yet drinkable.

Bottom Line: The Sweet Spot has all your ice cream needs covered, and they do it with a smile.

The Sweet Spot
827 Water St
Santa Cruz, CA


Raisin Canes said...

Three comments:
1) I would not say that I love ice cream. I love tiramisu. I love dark chocolate covered cashews. Ice cream makes me feel kind of sick, although it is delicious before then.
2) I like that you added a bottom line.
3) Was the staff really that friendly?

Ariel said...

1) OK, you don't love ice cream, but you were very excited to gorge on two scoops!
2) Thank you.
3) That girl did an awesome job making the "biggest chocolate malt possible" and she did it with a smile. So yeah, I thought she was friendly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Guys! Help us spread the word!
Family owned and operated
-Sweet Spot Staff

Anonymous said...

Thanks Guys! Help Spread the Word!

-Sweet Spot Staff