Monday, October 13, 2008

Barking Crab

It was friend Matt's birthday, and his family came to Boston to help him celebrate. Lucky for me, that meant I got to join them for a wonderful seafood dinner at the Barking Crab. Located on the edge of Fort Point Channel in Boston, this restaurant provides a fabulous view of the water. The outdoor seating is perfect for summer, but we were lucky to be able to enjoy our meal on a warm fall evening. The wooden tables and benches remind you of your typical crab shack.

This establishment is known for its crab and lobster. Knowing that crab was included in the name, I went for the former. The King Crab legs were moist and tender. Crab meat is definitely one of my favorite seafood options, the meat is slightly sweet, offset by the salty seawater flavor. This rare treat was delicous. I also found a great way to crack open that hard exoskeleton - a big rock! It covers much more surface area, and doesn't hurt your hands like those crab crackers.

AJ digging in while the bday boy cracks open a crab leg.

AJ went for the linguini with lobster cream sauce. This dish was slightly disappointing. With minimal lobster (there were probably three or four chunks of lobster) and a slightly watery sauce with little flavor. The zucchini and mushrooms that were tossed in were decent. If you're looking for big lobster flavor I would go for the whole thing and skip the pasta dish.

Crab person, tastes like crab, talks like people!

Overall, this was a great dining experience. I always enjoy hard work involved in eating crab legs. The outdoor air and the view of the water didn't hurt. I would definitely recommend coming to the Barking Crab if you're in Boston.

The Barking Crab
2 out of 3 JAMs


Malia said...

Mmm crab, its a favorite of mine as well. Also I love the pic of AJ with the crab leg. I wish I had been there!

Sami said...

There are no pics of Sami on this blog...I have suddenly lost interest

Ariel said...

Sami don't say that! You did save last night's dinner with the eggs. You will not be forgotten.