Monday, October 13, 2008

Sticky Sticky Buns!

I came to Boston this weekend to visit my boyfriend who works here as a consultant. Next to seeing him, I think I was most excited to come to Flour Bakery. I had read about it in Blondie and Brownie, one of JAM's favorite blogs. Located in the South End, this bakery is owned by chef Joanne Chang. Her sticky buns have been featured in gourmet, the new york times, and Throwdown with Bobby Flay (click to view the episode).

Crowned with a Best of Boston Award, you can understand why I was hyped to sink my teeth into one of these delicious sticky buns. (JAM Note: These buns often sell out early, so be sure to call ahead if you really want one.)

This bakery sells an abundance of delicious treats from sweet brioche, cupcakes, cookies, tarts, and cakes.

AJ has the honor of getting the first bite.

AJ, Anna, and Josiah decided to accompany me to the bakery, because who doesn't love baked goods? The gang decided they wanted lunch as well as sticky buns. The line was pushed to the door. When we finally ordered we were starving. We decided to do dessert first and dug into the sticky buns. The dough was buttery and slightly sweet. A swirl of sugar and nuts ran throughout the dough. The caramel glaze was incredible, and definitely pushes these sticky buns into a different category. It was rich and creamy, with just a little stick-to-your teeth attitude.

J likes his sticky bun.

I am so excited!

A rooibos latte. A nice compliment to a sticky bun.

We all agreed that the sticky buns were awesome, but the sandwiches were delicious as well. AJ and I split a turkey with cheddar on whole wheat foccacia, with cranberry sauce and field greens. I love the combination of turkey and cranberry sauce. The bread was soft with a slightly nutty flavor from the wheat flour.

Anna got a roast beef with horseradish and red onions. I don't what it is about roast beef this weekend, but I loved this sandwich. The combination of the spicy horseradish and cool beef was amazing.


If the masses of people crowded inside this establishment means anything, then we definitely have a winner. This is a great place to grab lunch, or to indulge a sweet tooth (if you don't mind waiting a little).

JAM Note: You can order and pay ahead. This saves time waiting in line.

Flour Bakery

3 out of 3 JAMs


Anna said...

I would like to add that the Flour staff was delightful; they worked quickly, but didn't appear stressed out. When I got to the cashier, I said "I'm really excited about this apple cider!" She replied "I'm so happy you're excited about it, I love it too! I keep some at home, but I have to keep my boyfriend from drinking it all."

Ariel said...

Anna also told the cashier she should dump him! That cider was so good, maybe Anna was right...