Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rotisserie Chicken...this isn't your storebought chicken

Smoky, meaty smells waft through the air, tempting me to your door. Oh yes, I am talking about the wonderful smells of rotisserie chicken! Every time I drive down Lee Highway, those smells beckon me to stop at Caribbean Grill, but I never do. This weekend, I made a preemptive decision to head over to Caribbean Grill to satisfy my chicken craving.

Mmm...meat on a stick.

Malia and I walked up to the small restaurant and were greeted by a rack of chickens cooking on a rotating spit. This was a good sign. We entered into a vibrant rainforest scene. Parrots and jungle plants painted the walls of the cozy eatery. (JAM Note: The Grill doesn't take credit cards, so remember to bring cash.)

I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight!

Perusing the menu, we saw that they offered a variety of pork dishes, burritos, chicken sandwiches, side dishes, and of course rotisserie chicken. I knew I had to get the signature offering. The chicken can be ordered whole, by the half, or quarter. Sides may be added for an additional cost.

Sweet fried plantains.
Malia and I decided to split the half chicken with a side of fried plantains and steamed broccoli and carrots. This meal was a great bargain! All of that food for $9.50! It easily satisfied our hunger.

The chicken was tender with a salty, smoky flavor. There was a hint of garlic. The white meat was a little drier than the dark meat, which is to be expected. It was still quite tasty. The thigh and drumstick were my personal favorites. The steamed vegetables were well cooked (not overdone). Malia noted that the carrots were particularly sweet (she's not a big carrot fan and she enjoyed them!) I loved the plantains - a little crispy on the outside and sweet and creamy on the inside.

Caribbean Grill
5183 Lee Hwy Arlington, VA 22207
(703) 241-8947

This place was a solid 2 out of 3 JAMs, especially in terms of bargain, quick eats.

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Mmm I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight!