Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fast Food: Good for You?

With all of the concern over obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc, more and more fast food chains are offering health options. In addition many restaurants and food chains have grounded their mission in providing healthy, fast food options. One place AJ and I like to grab a quick bite is B Good, a Boston chain dedicated to providing "real food" made by "real people"(with a name like that it has to be true right?). Nutritional information is provided on their website. Most of their burgers are under 500 calories, and the 16 oz fruit shakes are under 300 calories. But do they taste good?

The West Side and a mango shake.
B Good serves veggie, turkey, and all-beef burgers. You can also get a side of steamed veggies, an order of fries (regular or sweet potato), and a shake (made with ice cream or fro yo). I am usually all about trying new things, but after trying the black bean burger with salsa, avocado, and fresh cilantro (also know as the West Side), I can't get anything else when I come here.

The veggie burger is hearty, with whole grains and chunks of black bean and spices, that make it easy to forget the meat offerings. But the toppings totally make this burger what it is. The avocado is mashed into a rich, creamy spread. Who needs cheese when you have fresh avocado? The chipotle salsa adds just a little kick, and the fresh cilantro adds a bright, fresh flavor. What fast food joints do you know that offer fresh cilantro (btw one of my favorite herbs)? The wheat bun is soft, yet sturdy enough to handle the toppings.

Another favorite of mine at B Good, is the mango shake. The fruit tastes fresh and ripe. It is blended with ice and yogurt to make a delicious frozen treat (but I have had 12 delicious mangos already...). This trip, the shake was not exactly up to par. The mango was quite tasty, but it wasn't blended well, leaving huge chunks of fruit stuck in my straw. Large pieces of ice were left at the bottom of my cup, and the shake didn't have its usual thick and creamy consistency.

As long as the blender debacle isn't a trend, I would definitely recommend trying this place out.

1.5 out of 3 JAMs

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