Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not So Turkish Delight

All week a menu advertising a $10.99 all you can eat Turkish buffet has been sitting by my coworker's (Anjali's) desk and so today she decided that today would be the day to check it out.

We headed out to Kanaat for a change from our usual sandwich, soup, and/or salad options. We were given a table immediately upon arrival so we dropped off our things and went straight for the buffet.

The buffet was generous in offerings with an assortment of 14 or so dishes to choose from, including several meats, vegetable dishes, two types of rice, soup, and a few spreads.

My plate was full before I was able to grab some of each dish, requiring me to pace myself in order to go back for seconds.

All in all nothing impressive. The highlights of the meal included the hummus (smooth and creamy), the tabuleh (light and refreshing blend of cilantro, tomatoes, onion, couscous), and the salad which had a yogurt-y dressing. The soup was also good though it had a strong flavor, but was a bit spicy with bits of tomato and orzo floating in the spicy broth.Most of the hot food was ok but nothing outstanding. I had one chicken dish that had undercooked chicken and had one beef dish that was far too tough.

For $10.99, I expected better from a midtown lunch, so I give it only 1 1/2 JAMs.

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